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A patient comes to your medical clinic and describes her symptoms. You begin to run through your mental checklist and then you pause.

This patient has just arrived from Syria, or Iraq or Congo. Do you know what other questions you should be asking and how to ask them? Do you know what specialized services are available in Ottawa for refugee patients? How do you do the best job you can for this new Canadian?

It’s a fact that while many Canadians struggle to find primary care, it’s even harder for refugees, who face extra hurdles related to language, transportation and awareness.

Ottawa needs more primary-care professionals to join the skilled doctors, nurses and allied staff who have been caring for refugee patients for many years.

You can be one of them.

How can I help?

Our partners can connect you with the information and resources you need to deliver high-quality care to refugees and immigrants.

Find out more about the information and resources available to health services providers

To sign up, send an email to srahman@swchc.on.ca to indicate that you are willing to accept refugee patients. You will be connected to members of the Refugee 613 Health task force, which is developing a referral list. You will also be provided with professional development workshops and resources, such as the new eConsult service on refugee health.

Many family doctors have already come forward and offered to take a refugee family into their practice, whether from Syria or another country.  The ONHC will support refugees in finding a primary care provider, and will maintain a list of physicians who would like to participate.  If you would like to add your name to this list, please send the information below to Siffan Rahman srahman@swchc.on.ca and include the following information with your email.



Clinic Address:

Clinic Phone/Fax

Clinic contact person:

Languages spoken:

How many refugees would you be able to take into your practice?  (ie. one family)

Are you willing to take persons who have not yet obtained OHIP?

Are you registered with Medavie and willing to bill the Interim Federal Health Insurance Program?