Getting started

A healthy start

If you are a privately sponsored refugee, the Ottawa Newcomer Clinic can guide you to the providers of health services that fit your needs.

If you are a government-assisted refugee, the Ottawa Newcomer Clinic is the best place to get all the health services you need when you first arrive in the city.

As a refugee, you may have faced physical, mental and emotional hardship before you arrived in Canada. Now that you are in Canada, you also face many changes as you adjust to a new life.

With so much happening all at once, the well-being of your body and mind can be overlooked. Or maybe you or members of your family have an unexpected illness, injury or sickness and don’t know where to turn.

The Ottawa Newcomer Clinic can get you started. This medical clinic is specially designed with the needs of refugees in mind. It provides medical exams and tests that can find health problems as early as possible, when your chances of treatment and cure are much better.

Services at the Ottawa Newcomer Clinic

The clinic is designed to provide short-term medical services to refugees and immigrants while they look for a permanent family doctor or health-care team. Where appropriate, the clinic will refer refugees and immigrants to another doctor or health-care team that can provide necessary follow-up medical care.

The clinic has three fully equipped medical rooms. They are located at 219 Argyle Avenue, in the same building as the Catholic Centre for Immigrants. You will find the clinic next to its client-support services office, where government-assisted refugees receive practical advice for starting new lives in Canada.

The doctors and nurses at the clinic are specially trained to provide:

For more information, call the Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre: 613-691-0192.

The following information will be requested when you call to schedule a medical appointment:

  • Name and date of birth of all refugees or immigrants
  • Permanent address and phone number of refugees or immigrants, if available
  • Language(s) of the refugees or immigrants
  • List of any health concerns
  • Whether or not the refugees or immigrants are regular patients of a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Learn more

Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade has an overview of health services, including health insurance, medical care, emergency care and prescription drugs. The information is translated into 27 languages, including Arabic, French, Farsi, Somali, Spanish, Urdu.