Find someone who knows your language

In your own language, free of charge

You have just arrived in Canada. You want health services. But with a limited knowledge of English or French, you need those services provided in your own language so that you can communicate with doctors, nurses and other health-care workers.

Ottawa Language Access is here for you. This program provides language interpretation to immigrants and refugees.

Newcomers outside Ottawa are eligible

Medical interpreters may be arranged over the phone for refugees and immigrants who are new to communities in the Ottawa Valley and parts of Eastern Ontario that fall within the Champlain health region.

For more information, call the Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre: 613-691-0192 extension 6007

Why use interpreters?

Through this service, professionally trained medical interpreters can be arranged for face-to-face interpretation, or over the phone. Interpreters can help you accurately express your wishes and concerns to your health-care team. They can also help you understand the medical advice being given to you by your health-care team.

Professionally trained medical interpreters are required to keep all information discussed during your medical appointments confidential.

This program is particularly recommended for newcomers who require specialized health services because they have:

Making safe, healthy decisions starts with understanding the choices you have.

Read this fact sheet, produced by the Health Interpretation Network: Working With Your Professional Interpreter, available in Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and nine other languages. It explains the importance of using a professional interpreter for medical appointments.

To book an interpreter, call the Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre: 613-691-0192 extension 6007.

Tips for booking an interpreter

  1. Find out which language the client speaks.
  2. Ask for an interpreter to be arranged at the time that you schedule a medical appointment. Place the request at least 24 hours before scheduled appointment.
  3. Over-the-phone interpretation is available at a reduced fee for sponsors of Syrian refugees and immigrants.
  4. Most departments at hospitals have access to language-interpretation services. If you need an interpreter, always ask for one at the time that you schedule an appointment. The interpreter assigned to you will then call you to confirm the date, time and location of the appointment.

Interpretation Resource, finding services in Ottawa by calling 613-691-0192